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Why adopt a dog from PACK Taiwan?

  1. Our dogs have attended PACK Academy, where they are trained and socialized to give them the best chance of succeeding in a forever home. 

  2. When you adopt a dog from PACK Taiwan, you are actually saving two lives because welcoming one of our dogs into your home means that we have room to take in another stray dog.

  3. PACK Taiwan has a team of trainers ready to help you through any questions that you might have about your new dog, whether they are related to behavior or health.

  4. We take great care of our dogs! All of PACK's dogs are vaccinated annually, dewormed monthly and receive flea and tick medication quarterly. Every dog is spayed/neutered upon arrival at PACK HQ.

Adoption Application Process

Here are the steps to adopting a dog from PACK Taiwan:

  1. Check out our dogs that are available for adoption

  2. Complete an Adoption Application Form

  3. Attend a PACK Taiwan Adoption Workshop (a PACK team member will contact you)

  4. A PACK Taiwan rehoming specialist will arrange for your to meet your dog, conduct an interview and tour of your home (in-person or online)

  5. If there is a good fit, we will arrange for a one-week trial adoption

  6. If the trial adoption goes smoothly, we will ask you to sign an adoption contract before transferring ownership of the dog to you


  • Must be 20 or older (men must have completed compulsory military service) and have the financial means to care of a dog. .

  • Our adoption fee is NT$3,000, which helps pay for pre-adoption preparations

  • Adopter must agree to always treat the dog humanely and ensure its health and safety

Questions? Please contact us at

Take Me Home

naomi profile_edited.jpg

Girl / 10 years / Midnight Black / 22kg

Felipe WS.png

  The Social Butterfly  
Boy / 8 years / Cool Black / 20kg


Chi Du Profile.png

 Shy Guy 
Boy / 8 years / Starry Black / 14kg

Wei Wei WS.png

 The Bodyguard 
Boy / 9 years / Obsidian / 20kg


Jerry WS.png

  Sweet Granny  
Girl / 12 years / Brindle / 21kg

Kay WS.png

  Shy Girl  
Girl / 8 years / Golden Yellow / 14kg

Abu WS.png

  The Cheerleader 
Girl / 6 years / Brindle / 18kg

Jonathan WS_edited.jpg

  The Joker  
Boy / 8 years / Galaxy Black / 19kg


Cassy Square.png

  Mama Cass 
Girl / 1 year / Brindle / 14kg


Charm WS.png

  The Cheerleader 
Boy / 6 years / Black / 21kg

Tender WS.png

  The Big Eater  
Boy / 6 years / Orange / 21kg


  The Big Eater  
Boy / 11 years / Black / 20kg