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There are many ways you can help our dogs. Start today!

PACK Taiwan is always looking for ways to provide our dogs with a better life and contributions from our supporters make it possible to do that. You are the backbone that makes it possible for us to do what we do. Don't know where to start? Take a look below for some inspiration!


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As a non-profit organization, we rely 100% on private donations to provide nutrition, health, shelter, training and socialization for our dogs.

Adopt a Dog

PACK Academy dogs are waiting for you to take them home! Our graduates have gone through our 4-step program that prepares them for life with humans. 

Adopt a Virtual Pet

If you can't commit to a dog right now, check out our Virtual Pet program. Enjoy a connection with one of our dogs while supporting our enter pack!

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Foster a Dog

Most of PACK Taiwan's dogs have never lived in a home. We believe it's important for them to experience life with humans as part of their PACK Academy education. Think of it as a final project or an internship.

We need 2 types of fosters:

For behavior observation. These foster homes will help us observe and evaluate a dog's behavior in a home environment and provide feedback on a weekly basis. The length of foster will be 2-4 weeks. 

Waiting for adoption. Dogs who are ready for adoption will live in foster homes while PACK spreads the word about our newest PACK Academy graduate! The length of foster will depend on how soon we can find our dog a forever home.

Foster Application Process

Here are the steps to becoming a foster family for PACK Academy dogs-in-training:

  1. Complete a Foster Care Application Form

  2. Attend a PACK Taiwan Foster Workshop (a PACK team member will contact you) to learn about PACK Academy and basics of dog management

  3. Wait for a PACK Taiwan rehoming specialist to contact you for an interview and virtual tour of your home

  4. If there is a good fit, we will contact you to schedule a time to introduce our dog to your home

  5. Complete a Behavior Feedback Form every week

  6. Wait for foster rotation (we want dogs to experience different home environments) or for dog to be adopted

While a our dog is living with you, PACK Taiwan can provide or cover the following:

  • Dog food

  • De-worming and flea/tick medicine

  • Vaccinations

  • Medical treatment, if necessary

  • Leash and dog tag

Our foster program is volunteer-based. PACK Taiwan does not pay foster homes.

Questions? Please contact us at


PACK Taiwan loves to get involved with the community. We always bring our dogs with us so if you want to meet them, come and find us at one of our events, such as:

  • Adoption events

  • Volunteer days

  • Charity concerts

  • Workshops and seminars

We post our event schedule on our Facebook page, click here to see what's on our calendar!



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If you love dogs and want to use your superpowers for good, we are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Dog socialization and training

  • Foster relationship management

  • Creative writing (Chinese and English)

  • Event organization and management

  • Transporting dogs (requires car or van)

  • Photography or filmmaking

We need volunteers from all corners of Taiwan. We will provide training when necessary. Fille out our volunteer application form or email us at!


Corporate Partnerships

We welcome the opportunity to work with companies who are passionate about helping the forgotten dogs of Taiwan. Here are some of the programs we can work with you on:

  • Company volunteer day at PACK HQ

  • Seminars to educate employees about the stray dog problem in Taiwan

  • Company adoption of a PACK Virtual Pet (includes regular updates)

  • Sponsorship of PACK HQ facility upgrades

  • Direct donations (cash or in-kind)

We can work with you to create a tailormade program that helps achieve your corporate goals.

Interested? Contact us at


Our Friends

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