Foggy Mountains

PACK HQ, shelter and sanctuary for dogs

PACK Taiwan's center is nestled in the mountains of northern Taiwan. PACK HQ covers a sprawling 14,000 square meters and has 3 distinct areas—medical clinic, gardens and kennels. Our dogs have ample space to move around and live a low-stress life compared to the average overcrowded shelters.

Image by Diego Jimenez

The journey from street to home starts with the  PACK Academy. 

The journey from street to home is a long one, but we have designed a 4-stage system called PACK Academy that prepares our dog cadets for adoption through assessment (personality and behavior), obedience training, socialization and “internships” in foster homes before entering a forever home. We want them to have the best chance to succeed!

The goals of PACK Academy are to:

  1. Identify and prioritize the dogs that are most ready for life in a forever home with humans. This helps us get more dogs out of PACK HQ and into homes more efficiently, which allows us to take in new dogs. Ultimately, we can save more lives.

  2. Observe and record the personality and behavior of our dog cadets so we can create a comprehensive profile. These profiles help us match them with the homes (and humans) that are suitable for them.

  3. Provide both dogs and humans with the right tools and knowledge to build a trusting relationship with each other. 

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Behavior Assessment

All of PACK Taiwan's healthy dogs are assessed for potential adoption. Most of our dogs have not experienced regular contact with people and might be shy or even fearful of humans. Our assessments are designed to understand a dog's:

  • Acceptance of and willingness to follow humans

  • Tolerance of various stimuli (e.g. sounds, human touch, other dogs)

  • Behavior tendencies (e.g. separation anxiety, aggression, resource guarding)

  • Personality and temperament (e.g. outgoing vs. introverted, adaptability, leader vs. follower)



Obedience Training

Once a dog has shown the potential to be a domestic pet, we provide our dog cadets with basic obedience training. Not only does training teach a dog good etiquette and manners, but it also helps create foundation for communication between dog and human. We teach our dog cadets commands such as yes and no, sit, stay, down, come and polite leash walking.

Throughout Stage 2, we continue to assess and observe our dogs while providing them with the socialization they need to be prepared for Stage 3.



Foster Home

At PACK Academy, we rely on our foster network (including our partnership with Fluv) to help us continue to observe our dogs. We think of foster families as "internships" for our dogs that allow them to gain valuable practice in home environments. Our dog cadets will have the opportunity to experience up to 3 different types of homes and will spend at least 3 weeks in each rotation. Foster homes provide regular feedback so that we can build our knowledge of each dog.

Click here to learn more or to apply for our foster program.




Equipped with in-depth profiles and a good idea of the right forever home for our dog cadets, it's time to introduce them to YOU! You're the last piece of the puzzle and we also want to learn about who you. PACK Taiwan requires all adopters to complete an application form, attend an Adoption Workshop, be interviewed by a PACK rehoming specialist, includes a home check.

Our dog cadets have worked so hard to get to this point, won't you give them a chance? Click here to learn more about adoption and to see a list of dogs who are waiting for a home.